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Dear Potential Investor

Every now and again a business comes along that goes against the trends, perceptions and anecdotes surrounding an industry. Jetts 24 Hour Fitness is just that business and after having experienced success in the Dutch market for the past 12months we have proven returns of 25+% ROI are a reality.

The following pages give you a brief insight into how and why Jetts has been so successful. If you think the Dutch fitness market is saturated consider this...

1-  There is no small club formats in Holland

2-  There is no 24/7 convienience in Holland

3-  There is no ‘no contract memberships’ in Holland

4-  Jetts Leiden was breakeven in 6 months and has grown 13 months straight

Interesting isn’t it that an €1.2billion industry with over 1200 locations still has so much growth.

Are you thinking?

1-  Jetts is an interesting model that raises lots of questions

2-  The Dutch market seems saturated with lots of people losing money

3-  How is it possible to generate 25+ % ROI in Holland

Lets chat if you had any of these conclusions.

Jetts Starting Point

When we started in Australia in the same environment most people thoughts NUTS! – this won’t work. 270+ clubs later in three countries and growing we have a proven formula for success.

This investment is a proven business model and this is an opportunity to invest in the Master Franchise rights in Benelux.

Joint Venture – Investor Secured

We are looking for a Joint Venture investor to join the existing investor local Dutch investor that has confirmed a stake in the local Dutch business in early 2014 after a lengthy due diligence. Jetts Holland is a fully established business with all infrastructure complete so this is an investment in an established business.

I look forward to speaking with you and happy to have an informed and open discussion.

Kind regards


Enjoy the journey…

Adrian McFedries  

Jetts – Owner/ Director 

Jetts 24 Hour Fitness

Jetts is an award winning 24/7 fitness network with 260+ clubs in Australia, New Zealand and Holland.

Jetts was founded in Australia in 2007 on the basis of offering gym members a greater freedom of choice – low fees, 24/7 access, no lock-in contracts and access to all 270+ global locations.

Members said they wanted a gym that is convenient, great value and run by people who care.  So Jetts cut out the things rarely used and built smaller clubs in more convenient locations. Jetts team are fitness people, not sales staff, and they are all there for one reason - to help members achieve goals. It ensures members are not paying for all the extra’s like pools, classes, sauna’s that over 270,000 members have told Jetts they do not require.

Jetts is about members working out on their terms.

Why will Benelux be a Succes?

The Benelux fitness market is a growth industry and is a wonderful opportunity for the Jetts model.

There is a popular view in the Dutch market that the industry is suffering, going bankrupt and no money is being made. The facts are it remains a €1.2billion industry with over 1900 locations. The recession has been very effective at removing the lazy, poorly run clubs as it should and it is one of the key reasons Jetts is in Holland and demonstrating great growth.

When Jetts opened its doors in 2007 the fitness landscape in Australia had plenty of reasons that made many people have significant doubts as to the chances of success:

-  Competitive market – 2700+ clubs and growing for 22million  people

-  Large format big box clubs where discounting was becoming the weapon of choice

-  Some mediocre industry standards, club closures and complacency had crept in

-  12 or 24 month contracts for members were the norm

-  Limited trading hours especially at the weekends

Nuts! – 24 hour, no contract, small format, convieniently located gyms how would this work?

Seven years later small format, 24 hour gyms account for 90% of the growth from the last seven years and Australia now has around 700 locations in an industry that continues to grow in all OECD countries due to changing demographics and lifestyles.

Why did Jetts start our European expansion in the Benelux region? The same dynamics exist in the the Benelux fitness market  as existed in Australia in 2007 and our Leiden start has confirmed members love Jetts.

-  There is no small club format in Holland

-  There is no 24/7 convienience in Holland

-  There is no ‘no contract memberships’ in Holland

The Dutch fitness market is tired and ripe for a fresh new offer more suited to current customers needs. The fitness industry is now capable of the same restructure that has taken place in Australia, New Zealand and USA and Jetts has a proven formula to bring about this change. 

Jetts conservatively believe the opportunity exists for the Benelux region to have 140+ Jetts profitable clubs in the next 5-10 years as this industry restructures and Jetts shapes the game change.

A comparison of some relevant market statistics.


Total Clubs


Jetts Open


Jetts Later

Jetts Club Per Person 

Jetts % of Market

(Jetts Later/Clubs)








New Zealand





















Memberbership Growth in EU

Sports participation continues to grow across Europe as part of a continuing trend for the past decade in almost all Western economies with established fitness centres. Importantly, this has continued in the economies hardest hit by the global recession as people no longer see looking after themselves as a luxury purchase.

Jetts Growth

Since August 2007, Jetts growth has been an incredible story of commitment, discipline, fun, team work and success. Jetts are committed to a steady consistent approach to growth founded on the philosophy of having the best quality and most profitable locations. Disciplined decision making has been the key to this success.

Jetts European growth has started and now represents a very strong investment opportunity.

The maths behind the success.

·  Simple low cost fit out

·  Excellent return on invested capital 25%

·  Low staffing requirement (only 1-2 staff)

·  90%+ of income paid automatically in advance

·  No stock or debtor management

·  Average breakeven in 3-6 months

·  Small support office team 5-10 people (for 50 club network)

Jetts Club - The Business Model

Jetts is a 350-500m2 facility designed with the member experience and safety as the centre of our focus. The clubs are open 24/7 x 365 days per year and are staffed for around 40 hours per week. During unstaffed times members gain access into a safe, secure club via a personal access pass and are monitored 24 hours per day by market leading security control rooms.

Members can use all features of the facility whether it is 2:00pm or 2:00am in the morning.

  • Convenient, close to home locations just minutes from home or work
  • Open 24/7, no lock-in contracts and low fees
  • High quality strength and cardio equipment
  • Access to all Jetts clubs
  • Personal and small group training
  • Cardio, strength, functional training, and stretch zones
  • Strong role in the local community – clubs, schools, business, people

Jetts Holland – The Starting Point

Jetts have invested directly into Holland in 2013 to prove the concept in Benelux and get the European growth underway. It has provided Jetts with an opportunity to refine and adjust the model for the Benelux market and reduce the uncertainty and risk for new country partners in Europe by proving the business model.

Jetts Leiden opened on 23 November 2013 and has been very successful as a new brand by achieving breakeven within six months and is now a growing and profitable club.

Jetts Leiden is being sold to the Master Franchise operator for Holland as a profitable going concern.

Investment Opportunity

The investment opportunity is the exclusive rights to a Netherlands and/or Belgium/Luxembourg via a Master Franchise agreement enabling the owners to open and operate clubs in that country.

Option 1 – Master Franchise Holland

Option 2 – Master Franchise Belgium/Luxembourg

Option 3 – Master Franchise Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg

The deal structure

-  One off Master Franchise Fee for the exclusive rights and business

-  Purchase of any existing profitable clubs at build cost

The commercial terms of the Master Franchise arrangement will be discussed and finalised personally with any investor but key features include:

-  Exclusive rights for 30 years for each region

-  Access to all Jetts systems, global IP, operations manuals, designs, support etc

-  Minor ongoing royalty/fees payable to Jetts each month for support/assistance

-  It is a turnkey operation where Jetts is 100% focused on supporting our country partners to grow a successful network and provide leadership and necessary guidance to grow.

The Master Franchise franchise growth strategy is a mixture of company owned and franchise clubs and the mix of both is at the sole discretion of the Master Franchise partner.

Financial Investment

Our preferred minimum level of available capital (equity or debt) is:

-  Netherlands    €1,100,000

-  Belgium/Luxembourg  €1,100,000

The minimum for any investor is 350K.

The cash investment to open a clubs is only €150,000-180,000 with the rest financed over 5 years.

The investment is focused on generating a business with an EBITDA of €5,000,000+ per annum

The exact amount of capital is impacted by the desired pace of growth for new clubs.

A new country in Europe should grow at approximately 6-9 clubs per annum after the initial year.

A few indicative assumptions that will vary site to site:

1-  Clubs reach breakeven in 3-6 months

2-  25+ % return on invested capital (ROI)

The support office team for a country will be 5-8 people for a 50 club network

Deal Structure

Jetts is open to the Master Franchise rights being secured by an individual, consortium of individuals or a company. The focus will be on available capital, cultural fit and passion to grow the business. 

Jetts Master Franchise – Joint Venture Partner Secured – Additional Opportunity Exists

We have a private Dutch investor confirmed to invest in the Netherlands Master Franchise as a joint venture partner and he will take the executive responsibility for the business. The opportunity now exists for an investor with €400-600,000 as a joint venture partner/ co-investor for The Netherlands.

The investors need not be from the fitness industry as the formula is well proven and the fitness market talent can be employed in a leadership role.


Please contact Patrick Leers at patrick_leers@mindhunter.com


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